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Strip Curtains for Dust Control & Noise Reduction

Installing vinyl curtains in a workplace can reduce and dampen excessive noise from labor or machinery and keep airborne sparks, dust and other dirt particles from traveling around the whole building.

Hanging strip curtains over a doorway between a work area and an office, or on the doors where your employees and customers enter the building, can greatly improve worker and customer comfort and satisfaction, as well as reduce expenses.


Typical Benefits of Vinyl Strip Curtains:

  • Dust containment
  • Noise reduction
  • Save energy – keep in heat & cold
  • Temperature control
  • Improve worker comfort
  • Increase visibility for employees & moving machinery
  • Greater security
  • Rain / snow / wind protection

Common Applications for Vinyl Strip Curtains:

  • Openings to commercial buildings
  • Climate controlled areas
  • Bakeries, food service & processing
  • Freezers, coolers
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants, supermarkets
  • Shopping centers
Kingman Industries manufactures its strip curtains to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of industries. Our engineering process adds important safety features to the design, giving our curtains added value and efficiency.
Features & Benefits
Concave / Convex Construction:
By alternating and overlapping the strips, the door will have a built-in "sealing ability" that helps maintain strip contact and improve its overall effectiveness. This reduces or altogether eliminates changes between temperature, humidity and outside particulate contamination.
Rounded Edges:
Rounded side edges on vinyl strips help prevent snagging clothes or products and act as an important safety measure. As well, Kingman's rounded strip curtain edges also eliminate abrasions or cuts that might happen to personnel as they pass through a door and come into contact with the edge.
Easy Cleaning:
Vinyl strip curtains can be washed using a simple combination of household detergent and water, making maintenance a snap.
Clear Vision Ahead:
The vinyl material is transparent and allows light to freely pass through it, providing personnel on both sides a clear view at oncoming traffic. Will your strip curtains be exposed to the outside? Specific stabilizers have been added to the vinyl compound help to reduce fading and yellowing due to ultraviolet light emitted from the sun.
Energy Saving:
Having strip curtains as a separator between a warmer zone and a colder one will greatly improve energy and temperature loss. PVC acts as an excellent insulator, and the flexibility it provides allows for smooth passage of equipment and people between the two temperature zones.
Flame Resistant:
Our product is registered as flame resistant by the California State Fire Marshall.

Here are a few ways where the strip curtains supplied by Kingman Industries can be utilized:

Perfect for automotive repair or detailing shops, these vinyl curtains are durable for rugged use and protecting the outside area from splashes, spills, grinding dust or paint over-spray.

Easy to wash vinyl PVC curtains reduce contamination from bacteria and dirt and lower your cost for sanitation.

Walk-through vinyl curtain doorways allow for both noise reduction and cleaner rooms resulting in more productive manufacturing and assembly shops.

In Apparent Noise tests, a curtain of 8" wide, 0.12" thick material with 2" overlaps had a reduction of 14 decibels. Each 3 decibel reduction reduces the Apparent Noise level in half.

Kingman offers welding glide walls and strip curtains that provide excellent protection from these hazardous activities. A colored curtain screen allows the worker means of visibility out of his work zone while blocking the harmful flash generated by the arc.

Workers appreciate the benefits that strip curtains provide to their daily tasks, such as:
  • separation from wind and weather extremes while shipping doors are open
  • separation of storage areas inside the warehouse
  • reduction of dust and contamination from production facilities and from the outside

It's not just temperature to keep controlled in these areas, it's also dust, odors and other pollutants that can enter through an open door. By keeping freezer and cooler cover partitions in place you keep the outside air away from your perishable items and better maintain optimal temperature.

Strip curtains made of Anti-Static material can reduce the possibility of disaster when the contaminants in your environment are explosive.

For companies where intense light (like that from lasers) are in operation black opaque strip curtains will block the bright light. Security sensitive areas and testing labs can also benefit from opaque curtains. Opaque curtains can also be provided in blue, green and amber.

Looking for ideas on how to reduce noise in areas and control the spread of dust around your building?

Are you looking for replacement pieces for your existing strip curtains? Kingman Industries can provide exact mechanical matches for your existing vinyl curtains.

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