Our Commitment to Excellence: We will have your order of 40 strips or less ready for shipment to you within 2 business days, or your order is free.

In our business, trust is earned by providing value to the customer every time. Since we began manufacturing and shipping PVC curtains and PVC replacement rolls for companies needing environmental separation solutions, Kingman Industries has believed in earning your trust by delivering 3 key benefits:

  1. Superior products that are durable and long-lasting
  2. Quick customer service and fast order processing
  3. Deep knowledge of the best solutions offered by our industry

Manufactured to Last

Our decades of operation and thousands of satisfied clients have given us a depth of experience in our industry that is second to none. We became Canada's largest and most trusted manufacturer of environmental strip curtains because of the quality of our product, the satisfaction of our customers, our focus on continually improving ourselves, and our desire to provide the best environmental separation solutions on the market.

Ask Us Your Questions!

Deciding what kind of strip curtain they should purchase is often the top question our customers have, followed by, "What size strip curtain solution is adequate for my needs?” or "How much will it cost?”

Kingman Solutions will work with you to determine the curtain that matches your company's precise needs. We believe in making happy customers to continue to build your trust in us. We want our products to serve you well and last a long, long time, and ultimately be of substantial benefit for your employees and your business.

Don't hesitate to ask us a question, even if you are just starting out looking for strip curtains. Email our team and we'll get back to you with a quick response.

Thank you for visiting the Kingman Industries website. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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