Commercial & Industrial Swing Doors

Durable Doors for Warehouses & Work Environments

Swing doors are a great solution for high traffic areas. Kingman Industries supplies high quality and durable American made doors for a variety of applications and purposes. Retail stores, commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses, loading rooms, and freezers can all benefit from swing door systems. Clear and sturdy window provide improved visibility and a safer work space.

Kingman Industries’ swing doors are a great solution for high traffic areas in commercial and industrial environments. Durability is essential when it comes to swing doors, which is why each of our products are made with high quality materials in America.

We recognize the benefits of using swing doors in Canada for retail stores, commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses and loading rooms. For this reason, Kingman carries a wide selection of swing doors to cater for our customer's various needs.

Clear Vu Doors are swinging strip doors which are best used for walk-in coolers or freezers. Impact Doors are made for high volume environments, therefore more durable materials are selected to endure wear and tear. Stainless Steel Doors are stylish and elegant, yet they are built to tolerate heavy duty and frequent use. The Ruff Tuff II Doors are suitable for restaurants, supermarkets and warehouses if you are looking for a swinging door with a decorative touch. Finally, Pro Tuff Swing Doors is a combination of stainless steel and advanced polymers to be used in homes or offices, but have the ability to withstand wear from industrial-like use.


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Clear Vu Doors

Clear VU Swing Door Image

Specifically made for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers as an alternative to Strip doors Clear Vu doors are the best doors on the market for cooler or freezer applications. Employees love the easy access. The auto-closing feature keeps cold in.


Impact Resistant Swing Doors

Impact Resistant Swing Door Image

Impact Plates for High Impact Areas resist wear and tear when hand trucks, carts or forklifts push through doors. Impact plates made of .125 ABS can be added to both sides of any Clear Vu or Impact door. Plates are permanently bonded to the doors.


Tuff Lite Swing Doors

Pro Tuff Door Image

Tuff Lite Stainless Steel Doors give years of rugged reliability and durability that other doors can't match.

They are:

  • Rugged yet elegant Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean/Sanitize Scratch Resistant

Ruff Tuff II Swing Doors

Ruff Tuff 2 Swing Door

The perfect door for use in Warehouses, Restaurants, Supermarkets, etc. Ruff Tuff II is durable, yet decorative. A Ruff Tuff II door will enhance your decor, but afford you protection unequaled by any other door available.

Pro Tuff Swing Doors

Pro Tuff Swing Door Image

The Pro-Tuff Door will enhance the appearance of any door opening. The combination of stainless steel and advanced polymers is attractive enough to be used in the home or office but is designed and is rugged enough to stand up to heavy industrial traffic.



We often get asked: "What is the best swinging door system for a walk-in cooler/freezer?”

If you have an industrial cooler or freezer we recommend the Tuff Lite stainless steel swinging door system. This product is made of stainless steel, and that makes sanitization and clean up a breeze. Other types of swinging door products in Canada cannot match the durability, reliability and elegance of Tuff Lite stainless steel. It’s also scratch resistant and long-lasting. If you are in the market for a swinging door system in Canada then give us a call today!

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