Glide wall Partition Curtains

Large open spaces can be better utilized by using flexible partitions called glide wall partitions or industrial curtains. Kingman Industries offers several varieties of glide wall models. Simply choose the option that works best for your space.

Super-Vision Series

Ideal for large warehouses where a variety of tasks need to be performed, the industrial curtain smoothly separates the work area from the larger space. The clear section provides a feeling of spaciousness on the inside with easy supervision from the outside.


  • Partioning for departments inside warehouses
  • Work bays for production/assembly
  • Wash bays for large automotive or vehicle operations

Weld Series

Perfect for welding workers, these industrial curtains confine sparks from escaping and combusting flammable material. The vinyl sheets have been treated with flash-reducing material for optical safety, and for minimizing potential hazards associated with welding arc glare.

The Weld Series Glide Wall protects surrounding workers and supervisors, combining flash-blocking optical safety with spark confinement, minimizing hazards from distracting glare.


  • Welding booths inside buildings
  • Grinding work station
  • Cutting & brazing areas

Privacy Series

When workers need ensured privacy at your facility this series of glide wall partition is ideally suited for the task at hand. Privacy Series partitions divide room space into self-contained spaces, giving you the option to sub-divide larger rooms into smaller, personal spaces.

Privacy walls are a great alternative for times when it's not cost effective or feasible to build new walls, or when you need temporary solutions to try out a possible long-term workplace strategy.

Solid opaque partitions provide privacy for restricted areas.


  • Model rooms and R&D areas
  • In-plant offices
  • First aid rooms
  • Office/work zones in industrial settings
  • Employee locker/change rooms

Environmental Series

For spaces where operational work will elevate dust, dirt, contaminants or other health hazards that will spread into the larger work space, our Environmental Series of glide wall partition is an easily manageable and quick to install solution.

Covering a large enough area for the immediate job, the environmental glide wall partition cordons off the specified work zone, keeping the air from circulating around the larger space. With an environmental glide wall partition, you can keep warm or cool air in specific areas as well as ensure that unwanted airborne particles (dust, dirt, etc.) won't spread around the rest of the facility.


  • Clean Rooms
  • Thermal/energy retention in large spaces
  • Wet down/wash areas
  • Painting

Ventilator Series

industrial curtains

The ventilator partition and kits provides ventilation for doorways, while blocking out birds and pesky insects in a safe, humane way. Works great as a sun screen.

Ventilator Series partitions feature an open-weave vinyl-coated polyester mesh fabric made for extended outdoor use. A zinc-plated chain is installed in the bottom hem. They provide excellent resistance to ultraviolet light, mildew, stains and weather. Partitions are moisture-resistant and dry quickly.

Available in heights up to 18 feet, Ventilator Series partitions are offered as single panels which glide along a track and include 5% drape factor on width at no extra charge.


  • Bakery and other hot areas in food plants
  • Barn doors
  • Shipping docks

Typical Benefits:

  • Retains Cool / Warm Air Maintains temperature in select region
  • Helps Reduce Distraction Outside noise and light sources are minimized
  • Controlled Environment Ensures dust / dirt stays within specified area
  • Increased Safety Prevent flying objects from leaving the work area

Common Applications:

  • Warehouses Production zones, wash down areas, separating departments
  • Work Bays Automotive shops, wash bays, repair shops, engineering facilities
  • Clean Rooms Where protection from outside liquids or dust is necessary

Glide walls from Singer Safety

Glidewall Partitions & Industrial Curtains in Canada

Are you looking for glidewall partitions in Canada for your commercial, warehouse or factory space? If yes, we can help. Kingman Industries has been supplying industrial curtains and glide wall partitions in Canada for decades. For more information or to request a quote contact us today!  

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