Industrial Strip Curtains for Warehousing & Shipping Docks

Placing industrial strip curtains on your loading and shipping docks is an excellent way to increase productivity and make an easier working environment for your employees. No matter how big or small your loading bay doors are, hanging these kinds of transparent PVC covers over the opening will improve your work zone immensely.

  • Increase worker productivity - no more opening doors.
  • Increase worker safety - employees can see through opening for any traffic.
  • Reduce cooling costs for the building interior in warmer months.
  • Keep out moisture and weather when having the door open is a must.

There are many examples of companies using such strip curtain solutions today:

Outside Warehouses: Whether it's for a shared shipping/receiving door or multiple docking bays across your building, strip curtains will help keep out the elements, better regulate your inside temperature and serve as a physical break between the inside and the outside.

Inside Industrial Warehouses: If you are considering adding strip curtains in the interior of your warehouse building, they act as excellent designations for different areas. For example, you may want to remind employees about vehicle traffic crossing an aisle or section. Industrial curtains remind oncoming traffic to slow down and require pedestrians to pay more attention. Freezers and coolers also would benefit from PVC curtains as they help keep in and maintain lower temperatures.

Air curtains are another example of creating a noticeable barrier between the outside and inside of a warehouse, or between an office environment and a work area where dirt and grime can be expected.

High Tech Facilities: Strip curtains and air curtains are used in many plants and assembly buildings as a means to enforce product separation and ensure higher sanitation and cleaner rooms.

Server Spaces: Many companies now house their own computer server rooms. Dust, pollen and small dirt particles can be blocked by placing strip curtains at the entry points to these rooms, thus protecting and even extending the lifespan of the server's delicate electronics.

Industrial Manufacturing: For larger facilities glide walls are an effective and easy way to sub-divide your working space. Whether your need is to isolate work activity that creates a lot of noise or grit or to give workers privacy at the job, a glide wall can match everyone's expectations and create lasting value for years.

Need a hand in selecting the right solution for your work needs? Let the team at Kingman Industries help you.

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