Food Rack Covers

For reliably transporting freshly baked, prepared or thawed perishable food items quickly and safely, there is no better way than with a vinyl rack cover over your wheeled piece of equipment. Rack covers are also ideal for allowing the bread dough sufficient time and space to proof.

Our vinyl food and bakery rack covers are made for durability and simple ease of use. Manufactured from 12 mil vinyl, each cover has a reinforced top and extra-strength seam stitch work. Heavy-duty zippers are affixed to the corners allowing for quick opening and closing by staff.

Kingman Industries' rack covers have been made so that they will easily cover a wide variety of transportation racks. Typical examples include cafeteria tray racks, pan racks, dish/can racks, baking racks, food prep racks, and racks stored in freezers/refrigerators.

  • Actual dimensions: 24-inches wide x 28-inches length x 64-inches tall
  • Made from 12 millimeter vinyl
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Extra-strength lock seam with binding
  • Reinforced top

Typical Benefits:

  • Offers sanitary transportation
  • Eliminates the need for individual product wrapping
  • Saves time by reducing transport prep
  • Keeps moisture & food aroma inside
  • Freshness of product is retained longer
  • Stops crusting after thawing

Common Applications

  • Bakeries bread pans, buns
  • Freezers pan racks
  • Produce crisping racks
  • Meat platter transport
  • Dishwashing tray, dish drying
  • Delis, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias

Rack Cover Features

  • Reinforced Top: Our rack cover is 64-inches tall, offering the necessary height to adequately cover the standard sized food industry rack.
  • Durable Stitching: Rugged extra-strength lock seam stitching allows frequent use and tugging on zippers.
  • Thick for Insulation: All vinyl covers are 12 millimeters thick, offering substantial protection from nicks and bumps along the way.

Place an order for your next series of rack covers with Kingman Industries and let us show you the excellent quality of our product.

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