Typical Benefits:

  • Can extend the lifespan of your existing strips
  • Comes in different colors to highlight work areas
  • Cold weather / low temperature PVC rolls available
  • Standard PVC resists temps up to 150F

PVC Rolls: Bulk Replacement & Repairs

Just because your existing strip curtains or PVC covers have some wear, rubbing down, nicks or small tears doesn't necessarily mean that you need to replace them entirely. In certain situations you can extend the life of these products by purchasing either replacement strips precut to your length, or an extra supply of roll stock and replacing the parts that require your immediate attention.

There are 3 grades of PVC roll stock available:

  • Standard: Comes in either smooth or ribbed strips and is also available in strip or sheet form. Can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. Our standard roll stock will function well in temperatures ranging from 0 to 150F.
  • Low Temperature: Low Temp vinyl strip is available in three configurations: smooth unreinforced, smooth with reinforcement, or ribbed. The material is suitable for use in freezers and exterior applications with temperatures as low as -30F.
  • Extra-Low Temperature: Extra-Low Temp formulation is designed for use in very cold freezers and exterior environments where temperatures can dip as low as -60F.

All grades are formulated with ingredients that meet USDA requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry and dairy products.

Additional Bulk Options

Colored Safety Rolls: PVC safety strip is produced in two translucent colors: Safety Orange and Safety Red. Use these colors to outline hazardous areas, high traffic zones and special designated areas.

Black Opaque Rolls: This PVC strip can be supplied in bulk quantities and is frequently used with conveyor systems and other applications where restricted visibility is desired.

Ribbed: For work areas where PVC strips touch and rub against cargo and vehicles constantly, these softly rounded ribbed surfaces help reduce scratching, friction and static electricity build-up associated with smooth strips. The separation between adjacent strips also provides reduced wicking in high moisture environments, allowing the curtains to dry more quickly, and reducing the rate at which algae grows on the surface.

Selection of PVC Roll Stock

PLEASE NOTE: Determining which PVC roll stock you should use, and possibly keep in inventory, is based upon the operating temperature, air currents, and usage requirements in each application. Kingman Industries recommends having roll inventory to provide a safety margin over the temperature range required for your needs.

If the strips in your work area are in continual motion through touching of product, high winds, bumps, flexing as traffic passes through or receiving abrasions, and colder temperatures are also a factor, the safety margin range is narrowed. Colder temperatures can crack or weaken PVC if it's not specially tempered for use in these extreme environments, thus selecting the appropriate cold weather PVC stock is important. Similarly, materials suitable for freezer curtains can become sticky in hot humid weather, allowing foreign materials to stick to the surface and reduce visibility through the strips, rapidly shortening their usable life..

Special formulations of PVC are available to meet the requirements of a broad range of demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Have questions or would you like to place a bulk order for replacement PVC roll stock? Contact Kingman Industries and let us fulfill your order and ship it off to you within 2 business days.

Kingman Industries is a supplier of bulk PVC/vinyl rolls in Canada. If you are looking for PVC or vinyl rolls in bulk quantities in Vancouver, BC or beyond then give us a call today or use the form on this page to request a quote.  

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