Industrial Products for Warehouse & Working Environments

Industrial Products You need to safeguard your product and people, as well as your budget. Environmental strip curtains offer an ideal solution, offering protection from adverse weather, differences in heat and cold, excess noise and environmental contamination while increasing the security and safety of your product and employees by providing a flexible barrier.

Since 1988, Kingman Industries has been Canada's premiere manufacturer and seller of strip curtains made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Over the years we've built our name by placing customer satisfaction first, giving our clients affordable strip curtains, timely service and a smart solution that exceeds their expectations.

Our specialty: Custom curtains, exactly meeting your needs, shipped within 48 hours.

Kingman Industries offers a wide range of PVC strip doors/strip curtain products from which to choose. Please select from a category below to learn more about our products.

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Strip Curtains

Strip Curtains by Kingman Industries
Used by many industries for a variety of purposes, strip curtains offer a practical & easy to implement solution. Depending on the workplace, different sizes, cuts & textured curtains can provide better protection than others.

Roll Stock

PVC Roll Stock by Kingman Industries
Having a handy supply of replacement stock will help you when unexpected problems arise. Stock up by selecting the right kind of vinyl roll. Choose from different thicknesses, colors and even temperature ranges.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains by Kingman Industries
No more need for closed doors! Protect your inventory from unwanted contaminants and temperature fluxuations by way of an invisible barrier of air. Zero physical parts to brush against equipment or customers.

Glide Wall Partition Curtains

Glidewall Curtains by Kingman Industries
Separate large spaces with easy to move glide walls. These partitions also improve working conditions by keeping rising dust and dirt contained in a single work area.

Rack Covers

Rack Covers by Kingman Industries
Transporting perishable food items from their preparation area to another becomes better for your business when rack covers are used. Enjoy numerous benefits that will directly impact your bottom line.

Econo Covers

Econo Covers by Kingman Industries
Easy to roll down or put away in seconds, econo covers extend the shelf life of your perishable products as well as cut down on your energy bill.

Dairy Curtains

Dairy Curtains by Kingman Industries
Keep cold air surrounding your dairy items for a longer period and cut down on the power you need for refrigeration with our durable dairy covers.

Bug Barriers

Bug Barriers by Kingman Industries
Rugged mesh screens keep out unwanted bugs and other insects from entering your work area while allowing cooling air to come in and circulate inside the environment.

Fly Traps

Fly Traps by Kingman Industries
Better than an electric fly zapper, these fly traps remove insects from a larger area, increasing their effectiveness and improving the sanitary conditions of your surroundings.

Swing Doors

Swing Doors by Kingman Industries
Available in numerous types of materials, swing doors contain cool temperatures, separate workspaces and maintain sanitation.

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